The remainder of the history is on GitHub.
Version Date Title Description
2.0.2 10/04/2016 Twitter Added Twitter support.
2.0.1 10/03/2016 Links-O-Plenty Added a BUNCH of new links.
2.0.0 10/01/2016 Two dot OH! Torched the old site and rebuilding using .Net MVC and Bootstrap.
1.0.6 09/12/2015 Update Moved to PLESK server
1.0.5 09/02/2006 Update Added disclaimer
1.0.4 08/28/2006 Update Added some pages under style
1.0.3 08/25/2006 Update Added graphics, vb6 code
1.0.2 08/24/2006 Update Added logos and some more links
1.0.1 08/23/2006 Update Added navigation menu, master pages, some links
1.0.0 08/07/2006 ASP .Net Created the old ASP .Net site